Pigmentation and Sun Damage

Skin rejuvenation is all about improving your complexion. To achieve this we treat your skin with the most effective piece of equipment on the market -  the Syneron Fotofacial.

It works by using radio frequency and optical light waves to penetrate deep within the skin to rejuvenate it. The Syneron Fotofacial totally rejuvenates the skin resulting in the closing of the large pores, building up collagen and elastin which significantly reduced fine lines and wrinkles by up to 75% Because it targets the blemish and draws it to the surface, initially the problem may get worse before getting better.

A Fotofacial is an Ideal Treatment For:
- Pigmentation (age spots, freckles)
- Rosacea
- Facial veins
- Acne
- Blotchiness
- Closing large pores